Casino slots

In the past, slot machines have always been considered a second-rate game; poker and roulette were more important and more prestigious.

However, today things have changed.

Local casinos are the first to say that poker and roulette are not their primary source of income; they are the slots that generate most of their income. The industry as a whole is beginning to realize that slot players pay most of the bills in the construction.

At Luxor, 60-65 percent of casino income is produced by slots. They started paying more attention to the slot players on the whole. He believes that’s why slot clubs are so important.

The patrons of casinos have been increasingly educated over the years and want more value for their money. Slot clubs have become particularly important in today’s competitive market because all the new casinos that open worldwide.

The value of the slot club is that it allows you to score who your slot market is and where they come from. Without this information, it’s like taking a few handfuls of money and throwing them in the air, hoping they contact some potential players.

It provides the basic demographics of slot players. Also, it allows management to track their players, their name and address, social security number, amount spent each hour, each day, and each visit.

When customers receive a slot club card, they should be told how to use their cards. They assume that everything already knows. They can target their market more accurately with information provided by demographic data.

For example, a casino owner has started an advertising campaign specifically targeted at five-hundred-dollar-a-day slot players. Without the slot clubs, we could not identify or target this group.

The Luxor Slot Club is called the Gold Chamber. The Luxor informs players that in order to receive the benefits of a slot club membership, they must use their gold chamber card whenever they play slot machines or table games.

The more you play, the more comp. Room, meals and vacations will be eligible for. It allows management to track those players who are the most desirable.

A study done for the casino showed that the average customer belongs to 6-12 slot clubs throughout the country.

Slot clubs are selling tools; they allow you to market your best customers more effectively and provide them with the shots they need, so that they will continue to use your casino.