Casino List Poaching Rolling the Dice on High Rollers

Lists of high rollers have long been a guarded secret amongst casinos. These lists were handwritten by casino hosts, but today everything is automated in a database. These databases are valuable to other casinos who want to lure the best players to their casinos.

These lists have been an issue for some time. Hosts have taken lists with them when they switched jobs, or periodically a casino will be approached by someone trying to sell another casino’s list. Civil suits have been filed in the past, but criminal charges are rarely filed.

Recently charges were laid against a top Atlantic City executive, along with two other former casino employees, for allegedly stealing information on more than 20,000 of the best Tropicana gamblers. But gaming experts say that most A.C. casinos have the same lists of gamers, because the players spread their action around.Casino List Poaching Rolling the Dice on High Rollers(