Casino Games and Their Variations

Ask any online casino player about their favorite games and you can guarantee that blackjack will be up there in their top 10. Not only is it a simple game to learn and play, but the player has some input in to the outcome of the game. Of course as with any casino game either in real life or in casino online there are elements of luck to blackjack; you cannot switch which card comes out next!

In order to win at blackjack your hand must be closer to twenty one in value than the dealer’s hand, but it must not exceed the value of twenty one or you will automatically lose the hand. When counting the value of the cards the pack is to be taken at face value for numbered cards, the royal house each have a value of ten, and Aces can either be taken as a one or as an eleven depending upon the rest of the cards in the player’s hand.

Once you have received your initial two cards you can either choose to ‘stand’ with them or ‘hit’ and take up an additional card which you can do as many times as you like, keeping in mind that you cannot exceed the value of twenty one in your hand. Once you have finished your turn, provided you haven’t exceeded the value, it is the dealer’s turn to play their hand. One of the dealer’s cards is initially turned face down and is revealed at the beginning of their turn; they can either stand or hit depending upon the value of their cards. Should the dealer go bust you automatically win, otherwise the strongest hand wins. If you both have the same value it is known as a ‘push’ and the player receives their initial stake back.